About - Euro Vermittlung

20 Years Of Experience

Euro Vermittlung

Mr Damien Huber started this company with a dream . He has been running the company since 2001. Mr Damien have a team specialized in different sectors and services. On the basis of the latest system analyzes and our large portfolio of business contacts, we have put together a team for the various business sectors such as acquisition, holding, administration and sale of shares in companies of licenses, patents, intangible and tangible value, acquisition, administration, brokerage and real estate disposition, lending, buying and selling of stocks, dropshipping.

Our History

We understand the need for professionalism, privacy and confidentiality both in relationships with our customers and in relationships with your customers.

2001 Startup

We only started with an idea about helping people and their business.  

2010 - Head Office

Our firsth head office was in Ch. de la Vuarpillière 31
1260 Nyon

2013 - Moved to bigger office

In a need of a bigger place we moved our main office in Ch. de la Vuarpillière 31
1260 Nyon

2014- Internationally

Big year for us , because we moved our services across the globe , and started working internationally.

How we growth our business.

The introduction of cloud and mobile technologies into enterprise software.

Euro Vermittlung entered in 2001 only with a clear vision and a firm commitment to values and workers. Since then, we’ve grown to include two-tenths of our experts and realizing relationships with customers worldwide and industries. We have achieved all of this primarily by following a simple rule – the golden rule of morality.


How It Works


We take your request into account, we consult with you in order to reach the best solution for you.


After receiving the request, we collect and find the goods for you and your needs listed in the order.

Take Action

After checking the goods on your part, we move on to packaging and shipping.

What makes you different from other Firms?

With over 20 years experience, our in-depth ‘know how’ means we are well placed to provide effective solutions.

How to contact us?

Contact us via email, after sending the email due to the scope of work we usually contact you in the next 24 hours with further instructions